Cosmic Energy Method

Cosmic energy is a holistic supportive therapy. It works in one’s physical, etheric, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and absolute bodies.


“Reiki” is useful to all people who are sick, emotionally and mentally distressed. It also relieves and revives those who do not have any health issues.

Cosmic energy system

Removes from emotional situations as stress, anxiety, apprehension and depression. Makes you feel alive and dynamic as increasing your energy against fatigue

Singing Bowl

7 white bowls made of quartz crystal are played. The frequency and tone of each bowl is different. The frequencies of the 7 bowls and the frequencies

Natural Care Products

Provides renewal in cell and skin, recovery, balancing and healing in digestive, excretion, blood and hormone systems. In stuations like injury, fracture and surgery,

It regulates and increases the flow of “Ki,”

which is the bodie’s life force. In addition, it relieves pain, relaxes muscles and soothes negative feelings.

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