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Holistic healing focuses on the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — It is my blessing to help you on your spiritual journey so it only seem right that we start with mine.
I will use my teachings to guide you into optimal health and wellness.
During my journey as a holistic healer I have mastered healing practices that I am able to use in order to guide your journey to becoming healthier, living better, and attaining wholeness. Through Cosmic Energy Healing, Reiki, and Crystal Singing Bowls I am able to curate a program to work to help be your guidance in this journey

What is cosmic energy

Cosmic energy is a holistic supportive therapy. It works in one’s physical, etheric, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and absolute bodies. That’s why after the sessions, resolutions or changes can be observed in different part of one’s life.


In cosmic energy, therapist channels different range of frequencies and frequencies which are appropriate to one’s need. Therapists send the energy to client by their hand.

What is Geopathic Area?

Magnetic radiation caused by terrestrial globe. The reasons are subterranean aqueducts, mines, fault line, resources, rivers, tunnels, vestibules or earthly harmful rays that relevant to geological fracture.

As a result of scientific research, it is revealed that the body functions of the people sitting on these harmful magnetic fields or whose beds are above these fields are negatively affected and this radiation causes many diseases including cancer.

It has been shown that it can be cause of such complaints as heart disorders, sleep disorders, inability to get out of bed in the morning, fatigue, migraine, nightmares.

If there are such geopathic areas in the living or working place, especially in the sleeping room, the aura of the one is directly affected and there can be deformations at one's DNA level.

How to do cosmic energy session?

Individual session lasts forty-five minutes. In group sessions, this period strings out. The client stands with eyes-closed.(The ones who are sick and can not stand can sit. The ones who can not sit can lie.)


The therapist activates the frequencies appropriate to the client’s needs, opens the blocked chakras, heals, balances and fills them with clean energy. The blockages in the meridians, which is the flow paths of energy in the body, open.To all organs; each organ is cleaned and healed one by one with appropriate frequencies.


Tears and deformations in aura are fixed, the aure is enlarged.


It is better not to drink alcohol before and after the session.

For an healthy flow of energy, hands and feet should not be crossed.


If a belt is weared, it should be removed. Wearing comfortable, non-tight clothes makes you feel more relax.


There may be dizziness, oscitation, numbness, bumping, rises in intestinal motility, stomach rumble, crying, laughing, fainting, swelter or itching during the session. All these are the results of cleaning negative energy.


The client may lose his time perception, sees vision or colour, even smells something different.

With the effect of frequencies, the client may involuntarily swing or his arms may move away from his body, his body may turn in one direction, he may feel pulling or pushing, his head may be pulled back or forward.

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