Legal Warning

Legal Warning

This website, ,publishes information to illuminate visitors in related topics. It is not intended as an examination, diagnosis or healthcare to replace treatment. It is emphasized that the diagnosis and treatment must be made by doctor. The information on these pages neither replace a consultation with an expert or examination with the relevant subject, nor it is a valid practice guide for all patients. It is impossible to use the information on this website as the diagnosis or treatment of patients. All responsibility arising from the use of this website content for this purpose belongs to the visitor and it is assumed that the visitors of this website accept these warnings.


The informations provided in this website include the owner’s seminar informations and experiences on related topics. No responsibility is accepted for treatments applied by others based on the informations provided here. The informations provided here can not be a guide or basis for treatment, surgery or a medical practice. The visitors are accepted as have read, understood and accept what is written above when they start to use this website.



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