Crystal Singing Bowls

7 white bowls made of quartz crystal are played. The frequency and tone of each bowl is different. The frequencies of the 7 bowls and the frequencies of the 7 main chakras in our body are the same. The vibrations of the frequencies emitted from the crystal bowls can be felt in the region of the chakra in the body, when the bowl of the same frequency for any chakra is played. For example, frequencies can be felt in the region of the heart chakra, when a bowl with the same frequency of the heart chakra is played.

Benefits of crystal singing bowls

Creates and generates energy flow, “Chi” influences the mind creates a serene and peaceful state. Helps calm and focuses the mind increases mental sharpness and visualization improves memory, increases creativity and imagination , mends and strengthens your aura, activates your chakras and corresponding organs. For students and artists helps creativity and effects positively.

Crystal singing bowls (Sound Therapy)

My interest in healing frequencies began with “Reiki” energy. During my last year’s crystal bowls meditation in in Phuket , I felt my body lightened, my mind was calm, and I had some visions (it was interesting and fun).  I was interested in sound therapy and felt that learning and practicing with this experience could be a positive contribution to me and others, so I attended the training. During, this process, I enjoyed playing the crystals very much, and I missed the peaceful frequencies of the bowls when I did not play. It is my passion to make positive touches to my life and to the lives of others. I chose to experience the relaxation frequencies that emanate from the bowls.

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