“Reiki” is useful to all people who are sick, emotionally and mentally distressed. It also relieves and revives those who do not have any health issues. Working with “Reiki” energy, balances the energy field of the person with the right and left hemispheres of the brain and balances the energy in all the chakras. It regulates and increases the flow of “Ki,” which is the bodie’s  life force.

In addition, it relieves pain, relaxes muscles and soothes negative feelings. It can be also applied to those who do not believe in “Reiki” and those who do not accept its existence. It is an energy balancing technique that triggers healing and provides the environment for health. “Reiki” applications are complementary to treatments, which not only reduces the negative side effects of medical therapies, but also contributes to the development of positive outcomes of treatment. Some hospitals in the USA and Europe use “Reiki” as complementary medicine.

Chakra balance with “REIKI”

It is applied for compatible work of the frequency of the chakras.When performing balancing, the flow of energy is transferred from the chakras with high energy to chakras with low energy.It revives the person with low energy and brings about  positive feelings.

How it is applied

The 3rd eye chakra balances the root chakra. This is for “me and we” balance. Throat chakra and sacral chakra are balanced. This is for the “equilibrium of the expression of what we produce”. The heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra are balanced. This is for “material and spiritual balance”.

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